As you can see, I've returned to the “Isles of Blogging” again, this time with, a seethingly deceptive title because I don't blog everyday (although I may be encouraged to just by having that as a blog name).

The actual reason I ended up with this title is that I was facing a lot of technical hurdles getting a subdomain as the blog's URL, and so I figured I'd go ahead and give it a dedicated domain name (which was easier to set up for some reason). And I just went with—what seemed to me—like the most obvious domain name I could think of at 5 in the morning. A spur of the moment decision. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

If, like me, you use an RSS reader for your blog reading, the RSS feed for this blog is quite simply:

I have it set up so that it transmits directly onto the front page (along with my Instagram and Twitter), so you can more or less access all things Ganzeer right on my homepage. Which I believe is how it should be. I'm oldschool enough to retain the idea of a person's website constituting more than a mere online brochure. I came upon the internet when the main online presence for anyone making anything was their website, where that was the go to place to see what they were making and what they were up to. If social media platforms aren't entirely avoidable for the time being, then at the very least have them feed into your website. I loath the idea of using Instagram as a “portfolio”, it's not how I ever intended people to see my work. I only ever got on it to share mediocre cell phone pics of the world around me.

Anyway, here's my blog. I use to write it. The feed's format on isn't very ideal; I'm having trouble making it mirror's specs exactly, but this should do for now.