11:20am and brain is still mush. Slow start today, and quite a bit to do. One more page to rough out on the latest TSG, before fiddling with other art stuff. One of them a painting I started yesterday, and the other a sort-of-music-video that involves producing 13 pages of art-journaling a day.

Hopefully also time to exercise and cook chicken for my little one this afternoon.

Reading about Cory Doctorow's approach to blogging via Warren Ellis' blog and realizing it is somewhat akin to what I wanted to do... not so much with my blog per se but with my website more generally. In that I aspired to have all my output appear on Ganzeer.com first prior to posting and/or announcing elsewhere but it hasn't quite worked out that way. In some instances—as seems to be the case with Cory—some such material would find publication elsewhere.

This also mirrors my thoughts on publishing—which may be flawed—but I like the idea of self-publishing first, albeit on a limited scale, and then later licensing that material to larger publishers for wider distribution. Granted, there are publishers that wouldn't want to touch previously published material, but I do think this approach does protect one's work from the potential of overt editorial interference in addition to ownership of the work.

Which makes me circle back to the idea of a regular zine. There's something awfully attractive about publishing a regular 96-page B&W thing 4 times a year chockfull of drawings, essays, comix, stories, and maybe even the occasional serialized novel. Just whatever one's creative brain vomits, and if by the end of the year somethings in there warrant their own “professional” publication, well then cool.

Not a good time to have these thoughts (refer to first paragraph).