I managed to do two things today: pack outgoing mail orders and brush my teeth.

One day, I shall shave.

The wife and I have started to reincorporate a little television into our lives. We finished OMNISCIENT (on Netflix) which was fantastic up until the somewhat unconvincing reveal in the final episode. Still absolutely worth a watch for its speculative ideas surrounding surveillance capitalism. Started BRAVE NEW WORLD (on Peacock), and after only two episodes I AM SO THERE FOR IT!!

Bedside reading is strictly comix these days, oscillating between BLACK HAMMER, PUERTO RICO WAR, BORDERLINE, DYLAN DOG, and AGE OF DARKNESS. It's been too long since I've read any prose (which is not at all good for the articulating muscles in my head) but given the extremely limited availability of waking hours, only possible reading to do is the fast, breezy kind (will happily accept recommendations).

Conversations are mostly with the wife in reference to baby, or directly with the baby in the form of coo's and their derivatives. Otherwise, there's Restricted.Academy, the online forum (yes, I am an old) which has been quite the godsend what with life in quarantine and all.

Seven more pages of colors on TSG #5 to go, some more minor than others. Afterwards, I letter 💪