I'm done with normies.

That may sound cruel and snobbish as fuck, but the thing about normies is that they are inherently dumb and likely bigoted. Because normies are the ones who keep their head down and more than happy to live a pre-molded existence. They'll get a 9-5 at a respectable corporation, marry young, have kids, raise a family, want them to get into good schools without ever once questioning the status quo or attempting to imagine the possibility of a different world.

I mean, getting married and wanting good things for your kid(s) is fiiiiine obviously, but that doesn't have to come at the expense of opening your eyes to the world around you and challenging it. Press a normie hard enough (or not so hard really), and you're bound to hear an offhand comment about the homeless, protestors, or a particular sex, sexual orientation, or ethnic group.

Had the misfortune of hanging out with normies in the park yesterday (because any social interaction is a welcomed interaction right now, right?)—based entirely on our shared reality as new parents—and what a mistake that was. Life is too short to spend it with anyone who lacks the capacity to fuel your soul and/or intellect.

I'm done with normies.

Problem is: normies be everywhere. I may find myself slowly drifting into full reclusive shaman mode by the age of 40.

Not my idea of an ideal existence, but I'll take it over superficial social gatherings with normies.