Penciled 2 pages of TSG today and packed up the remainder of my belongings in the old garage. Booked a mover for tomorrow morning, which should mark the end of my interaction with a big part of my previous life (one of my previous lives anyway). It feels like I've started a fourth life in many ways (or entered a fourth phase of my life if you will). Looking forward to having an out-of-town friend crash at mine tomorrow and through the weekend. First such occurrence at the new [not quite finished] home studio.

Inboxes at a combined 97, which I'm trying to get through tonight, along with the RSS feed which is now at 192. Too much, may have to eliminate a couple blogs from the feed.

The forum, Restricted.Academy is now being resuscitated, and I'm looking into an alternative to substack for the newsletter, Restricted Frequency.

And I really need to update Not sure I've added much material since early '22!