The air is thick and humid today.

And it is just about starting to rain. Just a drizzle, nothing violent. It'll likely go on like this all day though. Generally speaking, I am not a fan of gray skies. I need to see the sun rise to start my day (standard Egyptian practice), but y'know what? It's warm in Houston; 22 Celsius (that's 71.6 Fahrenheit), so I will very gladly take it.

(Also, the sound of light drizzle is rather soothing.)

Work inbox is at a taunting 11. Personal inbox is at a threatening 349. As an inbox zeroer, this brings me great anguish. Luckily though, personal inbox is mostly filled with unread newsletters and notices (I clearly have no friends), messages I can just click away once I get around to it.

Still working on accounting stuff, which I am several months behind on. Feeling the pressure of the buildup of all the things I have to do once I'm done with that. At which point, there will be the buildup of other future things.

Kind of longing for the day when I no longer have to postpone any of the day's tasks till tomorrow or the day after.

I'll get there. Soon enough, I'll get there.

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