TSG pencils gliding along at an average rate of about 2 pages a day. Minor disruption abounds next week as I will be traveling to Philly to partake in a panel discussion organized by U-Penn's Wolf Humanities Center.

Booked additional storage space today, to separate art & paintings from personal belongings, which I will need to sort out today.

Also need to get a haircut, either today or tomorrow. Sometimes I wish all my bodily needs would just halt so I can focus on doing the things that need getting done. Must be the effects of living in American capitalism for as long as I have.

Back to reading Asimov's FOUNDATION trilogy after having taken a break to dip into FREE PLAY and HITCHCOCK TRUFFAUT

Typing this out on the patio. In February. And I'm reminded why it's good to be in Houston.

Shit, it's February already?