Two new lovely tributes have arrived in honor of The Lit One. A children's book by none other than John J. Muth, who I had no idea even did children's books (I know him from a couple of his more grownup oriented comix), and a can of Robin Sloan's own brand of olive oil, Fat Gold!

No sender information came with the Muth book, but huge huge thanks to the anonymous sender. I will likely get a kick out of poring over it numerous times before Moony every manages to.

The olive oil came from a dedicated group of very fine individuals who frequent my forum, Restricted.Academy. I gotta say, I dig how it comes with a funky risoprinted single-sheet zine with a little info on the making of olive oil, a recipe, and some recommended reading (Can this olive oil get even more tailored to me?! I don't think so!).

Very lovely surprises to find in my mailbox.

In other news, congrats to my friends at Radix Media who after only 1 week into their kickstarter have made it to 50% of their target! Very excited for their graphic narrative collection, but of course I'm biased given that it includes a 10-part hardcopy serialization of THE SOLAR GRID, delivered monthly starting April 2021!