We have successfully kept small new human alive for two weeks now! Not at all possible without the generosity of awesome friends who have kept us fueled with restaurant deliveries and assorted groceries.

It's a joy (and a bit of a mindfuck) to see Moony change and grow by day. Range of facial expressions have now expanded to include surprise, inquisition, superstition, and deep contemplation.

He almost slept through an entire night a couple nights ago, but then last night he wasn't really having it, despite the airtight swaddle and white noise machine and pacifier. A bit of a nocturnal this fella, no problem sleeping through the day (all this is besides the 2-3 hour feeding call). Me, I can't really get a proper daytime snooze no matter how hard I try.

We've taken to early evening walks around the neighborhood. Not more than half an hour, but it's better than nothing. I wear the child in one of those frontpack things, and he's generally content with being bundled and rocked, despite the sweltering heat (it is Houston).

Here's one of the many stray cats we encounter, who—it is agreed by all—totally owns the street: