I remember when BREAKING BAD first came out, and I was thoroughly taken by its opening flash-forward scenes; starting with a dramatic scene and then having the entire episode show us how things got there. What a captivating way at going about episodic storytelling, I thought. Incredibly creative and original.

So you can imagine my surprise when I finally got around to reading Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's FANTASTIC FOUR run from the 60's and saw that they did the exact same thing! In the 60's!!

Way ahead of their time (well, mostly Kirby really) in more ways than one. It is to my knowledge the first instance I'd seen of that method to storytelling ever being employed (but if someone knows of earlier examples, by all means please correct me).

In other news, THE SOLAR GRID #1 was released yesterday (first time in print!). Elliot Colla (author of BAGHDAD CENTRAL and WE ARE ALL THINGS) had this to say about it:

“THE SOLAR GRID is a mind-blowing read. Imagine if Grant Morrison & Frank Miller & Kim Stanley Robinson had a lovechild who'd seen the Apocalypse & picked up a pen: that's Ganzeer in this beautiful series.”

I have nothing to say to that other than blush and shrivel in my seat. My copies don't arrive till next week, but pictured above is a galley sitting among a few other comics in my possession. The sight of which makes me very happy.

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