Came across this photo of Moebius (no photo credit, sorry) at work in his studio in the 80's and I'm getting hard Superstudio vibes from those gridded walls of his.

Superstudio was an Italian architecture collective founded in the 60's, with the vast majority of their projects—largely conceptual in nature—abiding by a strict black & white grid. Been a fan of Superstudio since I picked up the above pictured book some 20 years ago.

Those gridded walls though. Moebius' knack for precision makes perfect sense now.

Today is productive, even with the persistent migraine which may have been triggered by last night's spell of insomnia. Seems to be a recurring thing now, hitting once or twice every few weeks.

I'd finished yesterday's workload early, but found myself spending the night drawing up plans for my eventual boutique publishing operation, which I have a pretty solid grasp of now. THE SOLAR GRID figures into it, as does much of the writing, design, and e-commerce efforts I've been involved in over the past couple of years, all of which—in a rather unplanned way—has served as training for this thing.

The time is a'comin'.

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