It's been a minute since I journaled, huh?

Did what might've been two weeks worth of work in just three days and there was little time for anything else. Draining too, emotionally. It was a tribute video for Shady Habash who died in an Egyptian prison last week. Accompanying the video is a track by Ramy Essam, voicing Shady's last letter from prison, an unmistakable call for help. You can't do this sort of thing justice unless you pour yourself into it. A little late to do anything for Shady now, but his letter can a big flashing signal for everyone else wrongfully imprisoned.

Will post the video when it goes up.

Finally got a good night's sleep last night and feeling fully revived this morning. Packed this week's modest to-go mail and set it out for our lovely postal worker.

Now to work on a commission for my friend Corey J. White. This one is also part-character-design, for the protagonist of his cyberpunk heist novel REPO VIRTUAL. Looking forward to getting cracking on this one.

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