I've been meaning to write for quite a while now, and in particular following the recent Texas blackout. It raised all kinds of thoughts I had in regards to capitalism vis-à-vis failed states, but it also had me playing catch up with much work in need of getting done. That, together with some sudden health issues in addition to a growing child in demand of constant attention has reduced one's days to a consecutive series of stolen moments. 🤪

All I can afford right now is a quick mention of a couple of work things:


Climate change has flooded the Global North and a terrible pandemic has decimated White populations. In comes a museum in the Egyptian city of Tanta to commemorate the history of white people, now reduced to a minority in need of aid. Ahmed Naji writes and I draw for ARTS OF THE WORKING CLASS.

Two: Chatted with Radix Media's Sarah Lopez about some process stuff regarding THE SOLAR GRID for this year's [virtual] Printed Matter festival! (You can check it out by clicking here and scrolling down-Be sure to check out many of their other wonderful books on offer too!)

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