Newsletter out, last time through Substack. Transitioning over to EmailOctopus, because their pricing tiers strike me as fair and one of my favorite newsletters (Dense Discovery) does some nice layout stuff with it, and I'd like to do some nice things with mine, really make it my own. Hoping to get it going by next month, and sticking to a monthly schedule from here on out. I can't believe there was a time when I managed to do it weekly. Like how do you even?

Inboxes and RSS reader at zero, fridge replenished, and a couple contracts drafted and sent out. Tomorrow I bake granola, ink two pages of TSG, and hopefully manage to carve out 3-ish intensely productive hours on another thing I've agreed to do; let's call it PROJECT OLDBOOK. I'd also like to squeeze in some exercise before taking my kid out to dinner.