Not a good day for migraines, not when I'm drawing something that requires a high degree of precision.

This kind of isometric perspective that is typical in the work of Chris Ware doesn't come naturally to me, mainly because... well, I hate rulers. Not as much as, say, Paul Pope (who draws buildings and stairwells and cars with the same organic brush-strokey energy seen in his figures), but still; this kind of approach is all rulers.

To be fair, a facet of all my work is probably the tension between “accuracy” and its complete opposite.

Good things can come out of migraines btw. There's this page in Chapter 1 that I distinctly recall being hit with a migraine attack the day I was working on it.

In fact, that particular page wasn't even planned at all. I only included it because of the attack. And it's probably the only bit in the entire chapter infused with a degree of humor. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I was living in LA at the time, which, shit already feels like a lifetime ago.

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