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Little dude's mouth needed a do-over, was a little to agape. The more subtle the expression, the harder it is to pull off. It's why the Mona Lisa's such a big deal.

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THE CURSE OF I #1 is now completely sold out. Only 4 copies remain of THE CURSE OF I #2.

More cover art to do today, inks on a TSG page, and adding a Clearance section to the Garage.


Brain pattern for a thing today.


Terrible migraine this morning, and much on the docket:

1) Photograph the entirety of PROJECT OLDBOOK. 2) Ink TSG page. 3) Work on two book covers.

Will also need to bake a fresh batch of granola this morning because I'm out. Pretty big project fell through the other day, which clears up a good chunk of the remainder of the year. Good for getting on with TSG, but less than ideal on the financial end of things. May have to finally part with some original TSG pages, something I've managed to avoid thus far. All of them, over 300 to date, still in my possession.

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Passed out almost immediately after child was picked up by his mother yesterday, leaving much laundry, dishes, and other messes to deal with this Monday. Not an ideal way to start the work week. Managed to ink a page of TSG nonetheless. On the second-to-last chapter as we speak. In that so-close-yet-so-far stage of finally completing the book.

Went to see Garland's CIVIL WAR not once, but twice. It is very, very good. Some of its flaws are rather noticeable the second time around, but it is still very good, very powerful. Manages to suggest a great deal despite a rather simple, straightforward plot. Something I oughtta learn to do myself sometime.

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Reclining Nude 2024 – Mixed Media on Paper, 22”x15”


Very close to completing PROJECT OLDBOOK. It wasn't at all mapped out going in. All I had was a very general overarching concept, developing imagery as I went along, consistently surprised by the results as they came about. Despite images at the tail end of the book looking significantly different to the ones at the start, it all works I think, owing primarily to the vessel itself, the actual “old book”, bringing it all together.

Case in point. Rear-page:

Early front-end page:


34 pages left on PROJECT OLDBOOK, after which I'm sure I'll come out the other end completely transformed. Can already feel my brain getting rewired.

“It is to Cubism that the next serious innovators are bound to return.” – John Berger, THE SUCCESS AND FAILURE OF PICASSO

I feel this, in a sense, is very spot on. Not so much Cubism's aesthetic, as much as its intent.

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Compounded fatigue and frustration beginning to creep in.

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Came across this Arabic comix magazine on my shelf and realized I have yet to post about it, and it is certainly worthy of a post, not just because I happen to be featured in it but because its format/approach isn't one I think I've come across before.

Featuring critical essays, extensive interviews and complete short comix, the inaugural issue of [+] Magazine is a hefty 154-page package, jumpstarted by editor extraordinaire Jad Khoury. Each issue has an over-arching theme (though I'm not sure if any issues have been produced since its inaugural Nov. 2022 issue), this one being “Arab Revolts and Comix Strips”. Under the umbrella of this theme are 5 critical essays and 5 complete short comix, and one graphic novel excerpt, each accompanied by an in-depth interview with its creator.

Here are a few photos from my interview:

And here's a link to my featured comix, a crop of which made the cover.

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