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We could all probably use a double eklips on the rocks right now, it can't just be me, right?

6 days until THE SOLAR GRID #5 drops at [TheSolarGrid.net]

It's pretty much done, save for a few last minute finicky bits here and there. Reading through it this morning, I realize I may need to add just one last panel at the end of the chapter, more for mood than for “content”. Somehow it feels that one last panel will give impact to the entire thing, let it land right, avoiding the possibility of it feeling like an abrupt close. Will sit on it for a couple hours and see if I still feel the same way.

Looking forward to to treating myself to some icecream when it's actually finally done. Or maybe invent an actual double eklips on the rocks. I suppose it should probably include a little Moonshine.

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Only 8 days left until THE SOLAR GRID #5 drops! 🤯

A lot has changed since releasing chapter #4. Moved to a different state, global pandemic unleashed upon the world, and the wife and I acquired a new family member, who is now napping on my desk between myself and the keyboard like an overly possessive cat.

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One of the things I enjoy doing with THE SOLAR GRID is invite other artists/designers/makers to contribute non-comix material to the book. Usually something that contextualizes the speculative comix madness I'm doing and adds a ton to the world-building.

Proud to sat that Chapter 5 will bring the daft authorship of Josh MacPhee to the table, with a brief essay on the history of Martian street-art!

Excited to share this chapter with everyone, which brings forth a rich tapestry of interplanetary art, politics, and science!

Coming digitally on August 19 to TheSolarGrid.net

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I am awake. So I guess I'll do some lettering now.

Inbox at 186, and I haven't checked my feedcatcher in days. But I did manage to squeeze in a shave this weekend. Just my face though.

Too much info?

Psssht, it's my journal.

(Edit: Just noticed the date on my watch is one day behind. Crap. Okay, faster now.)

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We've all been there ☝️, haven't we?

THE SOLAR GRID #5 is now 87% complete. Exclusive preview will go out to press, reviewers, and fellow makers later this month. Anybody who wants to be added to the list can totally just let me know.

Good morning + onward.

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So late, but getting closer! Currently lettering, which is kept enjoyable by making the dialogue up as I go. I obviously had some idea what was being said in the drawing phase of these pages, but not in any detail and I kept it very loosely floating around in the back of my head without committing any of it to paper.

I didn't always work like this. Chapters one and two of THE SOLAR GRID I wrote full scripts for. But then I realized that only really makes sense if you're writing for someone else to draw (and letter and edit, etc.). It's not really necessary if you're doing the drawing yourself, might as well save on that scripting time. Also, from the standpoint of the craft of comix, unlike film where you can't really change the dialogue after a shoot (minor exceptions include scenes where you can't see an actor's lips), in comix you totally can! So why not save dialogue till last anyway? Seems odd to ignore a facet that is so specific to this medium.

Easier for makers who work all aspects of their comix though.

Of course, I cheat a little, because I've got the best assistant in town:

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The year is 949 After the Flood, and life on Mars isn't all it's cracked up to be.

From the 5th chapter in the award-winning graphic novel THE SOLAR GRID, coming soon to TheSolarGrid.net

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I used to color at a rate of about 2 pages a day, but now I'm lucky if I wrap up a single page every 2-3 days.

Look at this madness though:

Not gonna lie, quite proud of how it's turning out, and truth be told that's a pretty rare feeling for me.

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A few years ago I created a multimedia installation (acrylic on wood + animation on screens) titled HANDS UP (VOL. 2), which toured a number of European cities as part of an exhibition titled MAGIC CITY: THE ART OF THE STREET. Since the last leg of the tour though, the installation's been sitting in a Berlin warehouse accruing costs. Time has finally come to clear out said warehouse. Happy to offer it for a reduced price to any institutions willing to receive it. Otherwise... I may just have to have it destroyed (alas, it is how things go sometimes ツ).

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of partaking in a live Space-themed webinar organized by Space EU with cosmonaut Muhammed Fares and space scientist Ghina Halabi, a conversation I learned quite a lot from. Aside from the very practical and technical knowledge Muhammed and Ghina brought to the table, there's also a significant philosophical side to their thinking, something I think is vital when considering and talking about Space, but also science and technology in general.

One of the things Muhammed mentioned that will likely stay with me is how terribly frighting the pitch black darkness of space can really be. As someone who suffers from a degree of Thalassophobia, my perception of the oceans more or less = big deep death trap. And we're talking about an environment that still sustains some form of life, just not ours. Outter Space on the other hand sustains no life whatsoever, and it is vast. I'm not sure there's anything in existence even remotely scarier than being stranded in Space O_O

Muhammed recalled how being in space for 8 days only cemented his appreciation for Earth and its incredibly rich life-sustaining properties. He likened his return to Earth as a return to his mother's embrace.

How terrible we abuse our collective mother.

The webinar was conducted in Arabic (a tongue I've seem to have gotten embarrassingly rusty at), but it should be made available on Youtube with English and Dutch subtitles in the near future. Will post when available.

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