One lousy virus and eveeeerything collapses. Everything. Not a single thing is capable of functioning as it used to. And if that's not a clear sign that the hyper capitalist systems upon which our entire existence hinged on were just rotten from the get go, I'm not sure what is.

I know a lot of people just want to “wait this thing out” and hope that we can just resume life exactly the way it was before, but personally... I really don't. I hope we learn a little something from this and start doing things a little differently from here on out.

But who am I kidding?

As I type this, even my goddamn internet service is failing (I turned my phone into a hotspot though).

(Not my internet alone apparently. Customer service rep told me there seems to be a problem in my entire neighborhood that they're not entirely sure how to fix. Actually.)

I mean, I can do self-quarantine for as long as need be without going stir crazy just fine. But that, dear reader, is with an internet connection. Without one? There goes my television, my music, my RSS feeds...

Which is fiiiine. I do have a bunch of books that need reading.

And I have much drawing to do.

I'll just... I'll just do those things.

And I do have records to listen to. Like five of them. I can.. I can work with that. 🙃