Solo month with the child has commenced and I am loving it. All pages for TSG 08 (#9 in the print installments) are inked and scanned. Next week I work on the covers.

Other things to get out of the way next week: – Adjustments on cover art for another thing (can't even remember the code name I had assigned it prior so will no longer bother). – Poster design for the next Zine Fest Houston. – Draft next newsletter.

Other things I'd really like to do but doubt I'll find the time: – Install blackout curtains (generally never been a fan, but this Houston summer heat is winning the battle against my AC system). – Pot a couple new plants. – Update

Can't keep my brain from thinking about life post-TSG. I know that's a big no-no, and I really ought to focus exclusively on the thing sat on my drawing table right now, but I just can't help but think ahead sometimes.