G A N Z E E R . T O D A Y


The home gym is super basic, with the Finer Form Multi-Functional Bench being its crown jewel.

Other than that, it's just the couple dumbbells you see below there and a pullup bar.

Sure, it may not replace a fully equipped fitness center, but it makes a huge difference (without this stuff I'd be sat on my ass all day, and I'm not so sure it'll be safe or wise to hit a public gym before March 2022). Certainly lacking in the dumbbell department, but will make do with the meager weights I have until I'm ready to score a couple of “smart” dumbbells.

My exercise regiment is pretty basic:

Monday: Chest a) Bench Press b) Butterfly Press c) Crush Press

Tuesday: Back a) Dumbbell Row b) Plank Row c) Pullups d) Reverse Situps

Wednesday: Shoulders a) Arnold Press b) Laterals c) Front Raises

Thursday: Biceps & Triceps a) Preacher Curls b) EZ Curls c) Hammer Curls d) Skull Crushers e) Bench Dips

Friday: Legs a) Squats b) Donkey Kick c) Calf Raise

Saturday: Cardio Which I don't do at all!

All the above entail 3 sets until fatigue. And I also work situps into each day. Eventually, I'd like to start taking my bike out again as a kind of cardio component, but I fell out of the habit over the summer when it was a little too hot and humid. It's getting cooler now though, and I have no excuse.

Day 2 of keto and nothing is satiating me because all I want is breeeeeaaad! I've done this before though, so I know that all it takes is a couple week's time for everything to feel better. 🤞

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