“To me punk rock is not about kilts, mohawk haircuts, fast guitar rock...”

Excerpt from an index card posted on Gary Panter's instagram, which got me thinking about how the problem with culture(s) today is how pretty much everything is reduced to a style. I just watched DUNE last night (beautiful film btw), and I'm pretty sure the only thing that'll come out of it is a proliferation of militarist and desert-apocalypse wear and very little of anything else that is at the core of DUNE: eco-consciousness, multiculturalism, a critique of imperialism, etc.

It's one of the reasons I decided to coin a name for the type of art I do; Concept Pop, wherein the name itself highlights the ethos more so than the aesthetic style, which quite frankly is of little concern to me and comes secondary to purpose. Or a direct byproduct of it rather.

Today is the day I add ceramic tiles to the last of the 4 murals I've been working on, which should finally mark the end of the project. By next week I'll be back to working full time from home again where I feel more grounded and am better equipped at maintaining a healthier work/life balance (granted that I still make time to step out of the house every now and again). First month will likely be a little rough because I'm gonna need to play catchup on multiple projects, but I imagine that by year's end things should start to look a little saner. And with that, a return to more regular blogging, newslettering, and so on.