Today is a glorious day.

It's not that I've slept till noon, it's that I've lazied around till noon. I can't even remember when I last lazied around till noon. Sometime in my 20's maybe?

It is exactly 12:41 pm right now and I am just about having breakfast; Fuul Medammes, that is... Fava Beans prepared Egyptian style. I cooked up a humongous batch about a week ago (not even halfway through), and its such a great thing to have around, to quickly get a meal in.

One of the great things about Fuul Medammes is that it's very easy to avoid getting bored of, because its flavor profile can drastically change depending on how you spice it. And you spice it only before eating, post-cookage. You essentially just simmer a big batch of beans, sans spice, and have that around, and every time you decide to whip up a bowl, you can spice it quite differently from the next bowl.

Perhaps one day I oughtta make a little zine on all the possible variations of Fuul Medammes, from the most simple to the utmost elaborate.

Before breakfast, armed with my cup of coffee, I put in a large Amazon Fresh order. Two weeks worth of groceries to be precise. It should arrive within the next couple of hours, during which I'll be getting some laundry done, dishes, and some tidying up here and there.

Upon arrival of my groceries, I shall draft a menu of meals for the next couple of weeks, to save my brain juice from being depleted on thinking about food or any other chores for a while.

Because this week, I work 💪

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