As one might have expected, yesterday's inks spilled over into today and I only just about finished. It is 9:30PM and I am dead.

Which means I lost a day's worth of penciling this week, my first in a bunch of weeks. Had me a good streak there. I also fell off the keto wagon and had me a cookie.

(They were actually a lot of cookies.)

It's cool though; only 4 more pages worth of drawing duties on this chapter! 🤯

(Of course it doesn't actually end there. Still an estimated week worth of colors, followed by about 4 days of lettering. Almost there.)

Inbox at 56, some of which are actually important. But they will have to wait till tomorrow (another thing to cut into pencil time).

Bed calls, where I will attempt to relax with the aid of a terrible comic (actually). Thank you and good night.

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