Correction: I need a whole new page, not just a panel. Because look, this is how I originally closed the chapter (dialogue blurred to avoid spoilers):

Look at that mess. In planning it, I figured I had this big wide panel, I could fit in a bunch of dialogue easy. But it just doesn't land right that way at all! Especially for a closing panel that ought to have a bit of a punch to it.

To fix it, my first thought was to maybe crop the panel down to half, add another panel, and let the dialogue carry on into that one, but no, that just won't cut it either.

It needs to flow across an entire new page, and an entire new page is exactly what it's getting...

It'll have to go on the “inside back cover”, which is a little unorthodox but not entirely unacceptable. And that sort of thing doesn't really matter in digital formats anyway.

Should be able to finish this page up easy today, and hopefully work in the cover art too. 🤞

5 days left till the big drop!

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