I don't usually have my picture taken alongside my artwork, although from what I'm seeing on Instagram these days that seems to be the trend lately. I was over at Rice University's The Baker Institute helping guide Nash Baker with photographing the four murals I had recently completed there, after which he asked if he could snap a portrait of me. Situated in very narrow hallways, these murals aren't at all easy to photograph (let alone paint, btw), so it took multiple attempts before figuring out the right way to go about it. We decided a panoramic view was never going to work, and arguing that they'll likely be shown on a “carousel”-equipped web gallery anyway, perhaps photographing them in vertical segments is best.

They're all up at ganzeer.com for viewing: – Every Beautiful PoemTu LuchaThe ABCs of GrowthThe ABCs of Power

A little low on energy today despite the sun finally emerging after a short absence. A short bike ride to the barbershop ought to help snap me out of it. Not to mention the added benefit of getting a haircut, which—ahem, looks at picture above—I clearly need.

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