New power unlocked: MOBILITY!! 😈

Not that I'm going anywhere anytime soon. But still, this massive 19.5” x 11.6” clipboard is a nice way to take my work away from the drawing table from time to time, maybe over to the sofa, the bed, the floor, child's room, wherever. Just a way to keep me from being hunched over a table for hours (days?) on end.

I've tried going full digital before, but discovered that I don't enjoy staring at a screen all day for literally everything I do, and not to mention eventual technical glitches you have to deal with and various troubleshooting things and all that stuff.

Good day today, in general. Instead of scheduling a mail pick up, figured I'd do a post office drop off instead and make a long 1 hour walk of it, my first in like... 6 months?

Inbox down to just 2, and updated my to-do strip with a new batch of deadlines for the month (which I'm sure I'll have a hard time hitting).

And finally, adorned my drawing table with Wally Wood's 22 panels that always work, something I've been wanting to get to for awhile now.

Although, I do feel like in the process of creating THE SOLAR GRID I've been developing a bit of my own [visual] language. Let's see if I can riff off Wally and see if I can come up with my own set of 22s when it's all over.

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