Sprung awake at 5:30AM today in a panic like the house was on fire. It certainly wasn't. Figured it must be the fact that we have just passed the month's midpoint mark and I'm eager to have Chapter 05 of THE SOLAR GRID completely finished by month's end. Still working on “color separation sheets”, which doesn't excite me in the slightest to be honest. It's too much of a production thing and very little of a creating thing and creating things is my luscious drug of choice.

IT TAKES A VILLAGE, my window installation at the Moody Center has been getting a bit of attention over the weekend. Perhaps a little too much attention, because I just got word that staff today was surprised to find one of the windows smashed, “probably by some thrown object”.

And now I'm wondering what time that happened, and wether or not my early morning panic was in anyway “connected”. Not that I claim to be clairvoyant in any way, but the hidden strings of the universe tend to work in mysterious ways.

WE ARE ALL THINGS got a wondrously meticulous review by Amanda Auerbach in EcoTheoReview though, so that's nice.

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