Yes, I finally introduce the aliens.

Not sure anyone reading THE SOLAR GRID was expecting aliens.

It is 9:43 am in Houston and I've been up for at least 6 hours. Two-three of which I spent trying and failing to fall back asleep. My mind is awake, but my bodily functions are very much dead. Today will be a sluggish day at the drawing table.

Still, I am foolishly determined to finish a full page of comix today, inking and all.

The air is pleasantly cool and the blue jays populating the palm trees outside do not sound as pretty as they look.

The spread above is from my sketchbook where I've revisited the design of the alien(s) I'm about to introduce in the actual comix pages. If you look very closely at the page on the right hand side, you can probably make out some of the alphabet I devised for their language.

Don't really have the headspace to figure out how to develop it into a font, so will have to hand letter that shit.


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