There's a side character in SNOWPIERCER, the movie, who is an artist. Living in the tail-end car, he does depictions of his fellow tailenders and what they go through. I couldn't help but picture a scenario where that same character's art was instead wholly different. Either:

a) Completely abstract line-work, things first-class passengers could precure and display in their car without it looking the slightest bit out of place.

b) Escapist stuff; him and his comrades rescued by mythical space heroes, or perhaps a family of tailenders fighting off all the other tailenders in the car who had for some reason been turned to zombies.

If we, as an audience, were to see that that's the kind of art this character was making, we would most certainly scream: What the fuck are you doing, man?

And that tells you everything you need to know about the state of [most] art today.

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