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There's a side character in SNOWPIERCER, the movie, who is an artist. Living in the tail-end car, he does depictions of his fellow tailenders and what they go through. I couldn't help but picture a scenario where that same character's art was instead wholly different. Either:

a) Completely abstract line-work, things first-class passengers could precure and display in their car without it looking the slightest bit out of place.

b) Escapist stuff; him and his comrades rescued by mythical space heroes, or perhaps a family of tailenders fighting off all the other tailenders in the car who had for some reason been turned to zombies.

If we, as an audience, were to see that that's the kind of art this character was making, we would most certainly scream: What the fuck are you doing, man?

And that tells you everything you need to know about the state of [most] art today.

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We all know about Diego Riviera the great muralist, but seldom do we hear about Diego Riviera the illustrator.

Picked this up in Mexico some time ago and I am positively obsessed. I'm not entirely sure why, but there's a quality to Riviera's lineart that I find wholly attractive.

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Got the latest “booster” the other day and my body did not take too kindly to it. Out of commission for the day which frustrates me to no end. Trying to read and failing, may end up having to be a slutty TV day. Let's see what I can find.

On another note, my latest piece:

It's called POWER DANCE PATTERN, hand-stamped on 300 gsm acid-free paper, 9”x12”. The variation in stamping makes each one completely unique.

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“Home is not where you are born, it's where all your attempts to escape come to an end.”

I've always cherished this quote attributed to the great Egyptian Nobel Laureate Naguib Mahfouz. Year after year, its meaning and relevance become ever more acute for me. I've also always loved a particular photo of Naguib with a fedora (a “western” piece of apparel) on his head, the picture upon which the above pictured artwork series is based. Not quite how Naguib is typically depicted or remembered.

Aerosol over letterpressed print on 11”x17” archival paper. Limited edition of 10, available only at Garage.Ganzeer.

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Tired of hiding all your explicit wall art when family and prudes drop in? Introducing HALAL PORNOGRAPHY, the third series in my reworked poster releases.

Abstract art and kink copulate in these sly works of concept pop, available as huge 12”x36” posters (roughly 61x91cm) only from Garage.Ganzeer.com

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Wave 2 of my affordable poster series, “Capitalist Realism”, is now available!

Now... time for a quick exercise.

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Summer is officially over, and with that Houston's Moody Center for the Arts just released a video that provides an overview of their summer program, of which was an installation of my own, IT TAKES A VILLAGE, was created.

In other news, I'm also offering up my WALLS OF (UN)FEAR triptych, which admittedly I'm finding a little too hard to part with (Gotta clear up space to make new work though!).

They can be acquired either separately or collectively. Interested collectors can contact me directly to inquire about prices and payment options.

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I keep getting asked to make available affordable poster editions of some of my art, something I've been neglecting to do because I'm often too caught up in creating the new!

So I've decided to release a series of posters in waves of three. One wave each month until the end of 2020, with each wave adhering to a theme of sorts.

For the first wave (pictured above), titled “The Resistance”, I'm revisiting a few “classics” of mine and reintroducing them with a slightly new spin on the originals.

All three posters are now up at garage.ganzeer.com

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Finally got around to photographing WALLS OF (UN)FEAR, a large triptych I finished in 2019! 🤪

(What is time anymore?)

They're quite large, about 121.9 x 269 cm each (that's 48”x106” to the isolationists) which means they're not particularly easy to photograph. They involved photographing each one in parts and then stitching the pix together in Photoshop which pretty much consumed the entire weekend (with, in my opinion, only passable results).

In any case, this work finally has an entry on Ganzeer.com, which includes larger pix, a few closeups, and a little backstory into its making.

A bit more website maintenance tomorrow along with some administrative stuff. Hoping to get back into the creative stuff come Tuesday (then again, what is time anymore?).

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