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Woke up in the middle of the night and decided to crack open the volume of HITCHCOCK TRUFFAUT that's been jeering at me unread from my shelf for a while now. A few pages in and I was prompted to beam Mernau's DER LETZTE MANN on the projector, which both Hitchcock and Truffaut express their admiration for. First minute into this 1924 silent film and I was hooked! The framing and shots are just absolutely gorgeous, and the story intense, told entirely without words got me thinking about the big vacuum left unfilled by the absence of silent visual storytelling in today's world. The potential to reach people across borders regardless of language or culture is immense, especially if phones/social-media were to be utilized as the delivery mechanism. But that would necessitate coming up with short ultra-condensed narratives of about one minute or a minute and half tops. Which in itself is something of an attractive limitation.

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Just finished watching LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND with very low expectations given some of the less than glowing reviews, but I gotta say... it's the best thing I've seen since DON'T LOOK UP. Both masterpieces, both receiving mixed reviews. Starting to see a pattern here: Americans don't seem to be ready for genuine sociocultural criticism, which ironically is a facet that both films thematically touch upon.

Kudos to Sam Ismail though. This is a big leap from anything he's created in the past and a true work of genius. Thoroughly interested in the novel it is based upon by Rumaan Alam.

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Reminder to self to watch Tell Me Lies.