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SCAVENGER'S REIGN on Netflix is very fucking good.

Also watched THE NINTH GATE which I thoroughly enjoyed. First film I've seen set in the world of antiquarian booksellers. Surprised to find it scoring so low across the internet, but I suspect that must have much to do with the director's name. I mean, clearly not something that would have mass appeal, but it's the sort of offbeat, eccentric film that would typically develop a cult following I think.

Or perhaps I just have strange taste.

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Passed out almost immediately after child was picked up by his mother yesterday, leaving much laundry, dishes, and other messes to deal with this Monday. Not an ideal way to start the work week. Managed to ink a page of TSG nonetheless. On the second-to-last chapter as we speak. In that so-close-yet-so-far stage of finally completing the book.

Went to see Garland's CIVIL WAR not once, but twice. It is very, very good. Some of its flaws are rather noticeable the second time around, but it is still very good, very powerful. Manages to suggest a great deal despite a rather simple, straightforward plot. Something I oughtta learn to do myself sometime.

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Insomnia kicked in the other night, and I found myself beaming RIPLEY. Beautifully shot series! Entirely black and white with some of the most unusual angles I've seen on screen. In this iteration, Mr. Ripley is actually not all that talented, and in fact kind of a fuckup.

It's all played far more believably than the Matt Damon portrayal. Though, it's been a very long time since I looked at that one.

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Just finished watching LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND with very low expectations given some of the less than glowing reviews, but I gotta say... it's the best thing I've seen since DON'T LOOK UP. Both masterpieces, both receiving mixed reviews. Starting to see a pattern here: Americans don't seem to be ready for genuine sociocultural criticism, which ironically is a facet that both films thematically touch upon.

Kudos to Sam Ismail though. This is a big leap from anything he's created in the past and a true work of genius. Thoroughly interested in the novel it is based upon by Rumaan Alam.

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