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One of my favorite stages in creating comix is the thumbnail stage, where you plan out your pages in miniature form. This is where the bulk of creative choices in regards to storytelling, transitions, reveals are made. First 3 chapters I used regular letter-sized printer paper, folded in half, but the pages were loose and I misplaced them often, so for Chapters 4-onward, I adopted an A6-sized blank Leuchtturm 1917 notebook, which I like very much. I imagine it'll serve as my vessel for all manner of comix-thumbnailing for the foreseeable future (which will hopefully result in the accumulation of a whoooole stack of them 🤞).

My thumbs aren't pretty—nowhere near the tightness of say... a Dave Gibbons—but for those who are into this sort of thing, I've made available the entire thumbs for Chapter 4 of THE SOLAR GRID, my longest chapter to date.

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The 3rd track in the sonic companion to THE SOLAR GRID graphic novel has dropped! THE SOLAR GRID SOUNDSCAPE by N Slash A is absolutely wild. I cannot stop listening to all three tracks back to back.

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Putting together this talk for Ohio State University's Global Comics Lecture Series (the title of which was actually suggested by the organizer) and I'm starting to notice how quite a bit of my work on THE SOLAR GRID is informed by those outrageous times some ten years ago. And of course, a lot of what I did back then, be it on walls or in galleries was itself informed by comix. Everything feeds into everything.

It'll be fun to talk about, even if it's all virtual with no actual meeting of people in meatspace (hey, I'll take what I can get). Will include some shop talk on the making of THE SOLAR GRID as well.

October 19th is the day, 2:00pm is the time (EST, I'm assuming).

RSVP here.

Radix Media is also organizing an online event, comprised of Molly Crabapple, John Dermot Woods, Matt L. and myself. Anything involving Crabapple is a joy.

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Long night ahead. Long day tomorrow.

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The Küelox #500 nib flows fast and smooth like a Sable brush, and requires very little pressure. A light grip and fast strokes is all you need to get good lines, which requires a little getting used to, and until then, some lines will wobble, but they will still be very alive. Not a nib for noodling; ink is laid out thick as far as nibs go, but still offers a pretty broad range in line weight. Overall, it keeps you from getting sucked into ornamentation, and instead forces you to think about the broad shapes and only the very necessary of lines.

Which is a good thing.

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New goodies have arrived. As far as nibs go, I've only ever inked with a G (center). Excited to put the rest to the test.

Generally speaking, I find that the more I use nibs and brushes, the less I enjoy working with pens.

Digital I've come to loathe.


Two new lovely tributes have arrived in honor of The Lit One. A children's book by none other than John J. Muth, who I had no idea even did children's books (I know him from a couple of his more grownup oriented comix), and a can of Robin Sloan's own brand of olive oil, Fat Gold!

No sender information came with the Muth book, but huge huge thanks to the anonymous sender. I will likely get a kick out of poring over it numerous times before Moony every manages to.

The olive oil came from a dedicated group of very fine individuals who frequent my forum, Restricted.Academy. I gotta say, I dig how it comes with a funky risoprinted single-sheet zine with a little info on the making of olive oil, a recipe, and some recommended reading (Can this olive oil get even more tailored to me?! I don't think so!).

Very lovely surprises to find in my mailbox.

In other news, congrats to my friends at Radix Media who after only 1 week into their kickstarter have made it to 50% of their target! Very excited for their graphic narrative collection, but of course I'm biased given that it includes a 10-part hardcopy serialization of THE SOLAR GRID, delivered monthly starting April 2021!


Six days since my last entry, which although not entirely blasphemous is still not ideal. I want to get back into the habit of blogging everyday, because it helps keep things arranged in my head, and gives something of a metronome to my otherwise very fluid existence.

Knowing that kids learn by observation more so than telling, I'm trying to be mindful of the amount of screen-time I spend per day, because even if my child is only a couple months old, he... he stares. He stares at me intently all the time, and I don't want the unshakeable image he registers of me to be daddy-staring-at-screen, be it computer or phone.

But with that being said, I'd still like to blog everyday. I imagine entries will start being a bit more concise.

Today and yesterday he helped daddy fulfill orders, getting quite a kick out of the sound of folding paper and cutting tape :)


My friends at Radix Media launched their Kickstarter today.

They're planning a whole collection of graphic narrative publications including an adult coloring book by none other than the bohemian mistress of rebellion herself, Ms. Molly Crabapple, as well as a graphic novella written by scholar of the written word Mr. John Dermot Woods and brought to life by inkslinging ninja Mr. Matt L. The collection also includes my own graphic novel epic THE SOLAR GRID, which Radix Media will be serializing in 10 saddle-stitched artisanal booklets.

Early pledgers get the chance of scooping up the entire graphic narrative collection for only $150! 🤯

I suspect Radix Media will be producing these in relatively limited quantities, so this kickstarter may be the only way to guarantee acquiring these unique editions.

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Summer is officially over, and with that Houston's Moody Center for the Arts just released a video that provides an overview of their summer program, of which was an installation of my own, IT TAKES A VILLAGE, was created.

In other news, I'm also offering up my WALLS OF (UN)FEAR triptych, which admittedly I'm finding a little too hard to part with (Gotta clear up space to make new work though!).

They can be acquired either separately or collectively. Interested collectors can contact me directly to inquire about prices and payment options.

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