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Apparently, there are websites you can't access from Texas anymore.

I remember how the use of VPNs became quite wise in Egypt towards the tail end of the half-revolution, certainly becoming a thing amongst more tech-saavy folk. Never would I have expected it to become a necessity after settling in America, but here we are.

The downfall of western civilization aside, work on TSG coming along today. Detailed fucker of a page though.

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Very flattering and humbling in depth review of THE SOLAR GRID by Carson Grubaugh over at Living the Line on Youtube.

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Just had my first “fuck, what was I thinking?” moment.

In preparation for drafting the last two chapters in THE SOLAR GRID, I've been re-reading all THE SOLAR GRIDs I've put out to date in an effort to find all the authorly breadcrumbs we tend to leave ourselves. Breadcrumbs that often come in handy when bringing the whole yarn to a close. But as early as chapter 2, I found that I may have done the unspeakable. It's really fucking bad. There is a point to it, but that point doesn't quite transpire till several chapters later, which is way too much to ask of a reader. It's the sort of thing that upon sight makes you want to toss the book at the nearest wall. As early as chapter 2 for crying out loud!

Only now, 8 years later, am I able to envision a far more graceful way of pulling it off, which I may just have to adjust for the collected edition. Shit.

I'm rather surprised no one has called me out on it yet. It's really fucking bad. Fml.

And then there are typos littered throughout the series. So many terrible typos. So many printed copies including said typos as well as my horrible Ch. 2 mishap. This will drive me mad, at least until the amended collected edition.

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